Picking the best pet fountain – The 5 best units to buy

Best Pet Fountain

In order for you to be the owner of a healthy pet, there are a lot of things that you must do. After all, this is a very important aspect of keeping your pet alive for a reasonable amount of time. If you ever loved a pet, you surely know how painful it is to see it sick or in pain. The biggest part of having a healthy pet is in fact, making sure it has a healthy diet. And, amongst diet – water. In order to achieve the best lifestyle for pets, a lot of owners resort to finding the best pet fountain for their fluffy friend.

The reason for this is the fact that pet fountains are a source of clean and running water – instead of stale water in a bowl. So, the pet fountains work in a way in which they stimulate the pets to drinking water. This is very important for maintaining a healthy pet, especially a healthy cat. Their long-term health can be improved or not – depending on the type of water they drink. So, if you think that your pet deserves to have a naturally flowing, fresh water, we suggest taking a look at some pet fountains.

Who are pet fountains for?

A lot of dogs, cats and other pets are very picky. Sometimes they don’t like certain foods, and often, even without you noticing, they are picky drinkers. They don’t like warm or stale water. So, in order to encourage them to better and healthier hydration habits, a pet-fountain is a must.

In the long run, you will be rest assured that your pet is drinking fresh water. Also, another very common problem with water in bowls are the debris. With a pet fountain – this problem is also solved. You will know that the only water your pet is drinking is clean and fresh. It also saves you a lot of time because you should only fill a water fountain once or twice in a whole week.

If you are a cat owner, you have probably noticed how your purring friend likes to drink running water. So, in order to be sure that your kitten is hydrated and healthy, you should definitely consider a fountain. Also, kidneys are a very common health-problem in cats, so this improves their long-term health too.

How to pick the best pet fountain?

There are numerous things that you should take into consideration when you are buying a pet fountain for your pet. First, you need to analyze your pet, see its size, and how it would eventually use the fountain. Also, make sure you know the place where you want your fountain to be. Some are noisier and larger than others.

Also, a very important thing to consider are the maintenance features. If you don’t have too much time or if you don’t know how to do it, make sure you get a suitable fountain. After all, some are easier to clean and assemble than others. Also, there are numerous of water-filter features, and some filter replacement parts are more expensive than others.

It is essential to consider the capacity of the fountain too in terms of your own pet. If you know that your pet needs to drink a lot of water and if you don’t have enough time to refill the fountain, make sure you get a fountain with a large capacity. Also, if you intend to put it in your home, make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing to you. After all, it will become a part of your furniture.

In order to help you make a decision, we searched for the best pet fountain for different types of pets. Here is our shortlist of best pet fountains.

1. Catit Flower Fountain

According to the criteria we mentioned, probably the best choice you can make for a pet fountain is the Catit flower fountain. It is very easy-to-use, beginner-level pet fountain. From the moment of unpacking, you will notice that it is very easy to assemble. On the long run, you will see that there are no issues whatsoever when it comes to refills and cleaning. Additionally, it is an excellent fountain to have indoors – it is very silent.

2. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Drinking Fountain

Another very high-quality pet fountain is the Pioneer Pet Raindrop drinking fountain. This is an excellent pet fountain to have if your pet is sensitive and prone to health problems. Again, this fountain is a perfect suit for indoor purposes because it is completely silent and it has this amazing design. Additionally, it can easily catch grime or gunk from the water, so it is completely safe for your pets.

It is also notable that this fountain is made from high-quality materials – stainless steel. Although sturdy and heavy, it is still an excellent choice because it offers stability. You won’t have to worry about your pet making a huge mess with this one, that’s for sure. The best part about it is that it is a very good investment – it is as durable as they get.

3. Hagen Dogit Dog Drinking Fountain

If you have a large and energetic dog, you are probably unimpressed with the two previously mentioned fountains. After all, your dog needs something better and more powerful. If you are this kind of dog-owner, we have a solution to your problems. The Hagen Dogit Design Fresh&Clean dog fountain.

What makes this a bet pet fountain for large dogs is the fact that it is super powerful. It has an excellent capacity and still, it is very easy to clean and use. If you need to, you can place it in your home or in your yard – it is quiet either way and won’t bother anyone. This pet fountain is very large, so, it means that the capacity is more than enough for a 1 week amount of fresh water for your dog. Just make sure that you assemble it correctly. Take your time for the assembly process and then, you and your pet will enjoy having this amazing dog fountain in your home.


Pet fountains are very important for keeping your dog or cat healthy for longer periods of time. As part of their hydration needs, with a fountain you give your pet the best there is. So, it is safe to say that a pet fountain if used properly is an excellent investment to make.

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