Best Pet GPS Trackers Money Can Buy

Best Pet GPS Tracker

Are you a pet owner of a pet who is very curious and keeps on wandering if unattended? Well, you might need to consider a pet GPS tracker. Especially if your pet is likely to get kidnapped by someone. Even if it isn’t, why risk it? For a very reasonable price like buying a pet GPS locator, you can be sure that you won’t have to go through the struggle of losing a pet ever again. Before finding the best pet GPS tracker for your dog or cat, we have a few things we need to set straight regarding such trackers.

Why you need a pet GPS tracker

Best Pet GPS TrackerIt isn’t very surprising that we, as pet owners try to do everything in our power to keep our pets safe. From buying them organic food to taking them to the best vets and using the most high-quality supplements. We would do it all if we could. Well, a lot of pet owners nowadays have resorted to a somewhat new way of keeping their pets safe and secure – GPS trackers.

If you don’t know too much about them, you are probably confused about how they work and how much they will keep your dog or cat safe. However, one thing is sure. You might think you have the most obedient pet and that it will never get stolen – but why take the risk? GPS trackers are mostly harmless and they offer a lot of benefits to any caring pet owner. They help you know where your pet is– at any time.

After all, a GPS Tracker is in fact, a cutting edge technology. This one lets you know the exact location of your pet at any time. Also, with one, you can pinpoint the history of locations your pet has been to. Some high-end trackers also allow the user to receive alerts whenever their pet leaves a certain pre-determined area. And they work in a very simple manner. They use cellular data!

So far, if you’ve concluded that you might need on for your dog or cat, we have combined a list to help you make a decision on the best pet GPS tracker for your pet. Here are our top choices:

1. The Paw Tracker

The Paw TrackerThe first GPS tracker that simply had to be on our list of the best pet gps trackers is the amazing Paw Tracker. This device, like we mentioned, uses GPS satellites and determines the location of the pet. The thing that makes this tracker stand out from the crowd is the amazing customer service of the manufacturer.

On other basis, this handy tracker has a very stylish design and offers three different color options. You can keep your pet fashionable and stylish. Additionally, you can use this GPS tracker with both iOS and Android systems, so, you got this covered. Of course, this tracker was smartly designed and it doesn’t weight at all – which is exactly why it can be used for both cats and dogs. You don’t necessarily need to use it for a pet too – you can even track a car with it. And it comes at a very reasonable price too.

2. Gibi Pet Locator

Another excellent and helpful GPS tracker you must consider is the Gibi Pet Locator. This small but helpful device is very sturdy and durable and yet, it doesn’t weight at all. It is perfect for you if you are a proud owner of an active and playful dog. Another great thing about it is that it is waterproof – so even if your dog jumps into a pool, you will still be able to find it. The system works based on an online browser-based app and you can use it from wherever you have an internet connection too.

With this app, you can choose safe and un-safe zones and if your dog or cat goes beyond these borders, you will get instant alerts. You can even choose the type of alerts you will get – emails or text. With the Gibi pet locator you will surely know where and how your pet is moving. More importantly, it is securely attached to various types of collars. In the end, you won’t need to make adjustments even for collars for your pet.

3. Pod 2 GPS Locator

One of the most interesting GPS locators on the market is in fact the Pod 2 tracker. This little device can be attached to collars of all sizes and types and it has a pet activity monitor too. With it, you will be able to find your cat or dog whenever you need to. Also, with the help of the pet activity monitor, you will know about your pet’s activities and adventures – and you need a smartphone to do so.

The functioning of the Pod 2 tracker is based on 2G coverage which means that it is as simple as it gets. However, we suggest checking your address on a suitable tool or app to see if you have such coverage. All in all, this is the lightest GPS tracker on our list and it comes at a very reasonable price too.


By finding the best pet GPS trackers and locators for your cat or dog, you have finished half the job. You will never need to worry about your pet wandering off and feeling scared as if you won’t see it again. Now, with a locator like these, compact, reasonably-priced and most importantly – helpful, your worries are at an end. All you need to do is see what type of collar your pet can take and how much should the tracker weight in order for it to be easy on your pet. Just remember that if your pet likes bathing in water whenever it finds a puddle, you should look for a waterproof tracker. In the end, with a GPS tracker of your own, you won’t have to wait for the authorities to know where your pet is located.

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